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Affliction was founded on 12/17/10 by Warkral and Stellannis. In just 4 days, we have achieved guild level 30 and purchased a T1 guild hall in New Halas. We have crafting tables, a fuel merchant, a broker, and a wizard portal. We're working towards more levels in order to add more amenities.
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EQ2 back online! Double Guild XP!

Stellannis_AB, May 15, 11 7:38 PM.
So EQ2 is back online and one of their "make good" deals is double guild XP. What a godsend. It's tough leveling a small guild so we should all take advantage of the double xp and grind some writs!

Dinged 40 this afternoon!

Still no EQ2!

Stellannis_AB, May 4, 11 6:11 PM.
SOE still has all of it's games offline, apparently. Argh!
Whenever we can log into EQ2 again, Liling still needs Cella for her ER update. I can probably get a cleared DB without too much trouble.
Thanks again Lim and Riz for helping us get the ERH update!!
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